Fixing a Drippy Window Mount Air Conditioner

Today, central air conditioning is common in most modern homes. – But in urban centres, we often still see the drippy window units. Why do they drip? Why are they so noisy?

They are supposed to drip as humidity leaves the building!

The reason air conditioners drip is because they work in part by extracting moisture from the home through a process of compression and condensation. However, it’s important to be aware of the damage dripping water can do to your building.

Damage caused by Drippy Air Conditioning

We’ve seen one case where a downstairs neighbour was extremely upset about the drip onto her air conditioner in her apartment window below saying it rusted her unit.

We also often see damage to the exterior of a building caused by the air conditioner drip. Wherever a window mounted air conditioner is installed on a 1950’s or earlier low quality brick building, we see mortar deterioration. If there are holes in the mortar, we sometimes see the damage in the interior wall.

Sometimes, the drip doesn’t cause damage but is simply annoying, dripping onto a porch or the front step.

The Solution

In most air conditioning units you’ll find a place to insert a small drainage hose in the base plates. Find the knock-out plug that you can punch out and put the drain hose in. Divert the drip from your unit to a better place, but of course, be respectful of where the drip will be going.

Make sure it doesn’t become a water torture device on your neighbour below, or to passersby on the sidewalk.