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RUI (苏睿)

Certified Professional Inspector
After over ten years of experience in the engineering industry, Rui has now dedicated himself to the residential home inspection field. While working with engineering companies, he participated in construction compliance checks of large engineering projects. This experiences not only gave him an understanding of structure, electricity, plumbing, insulation and ventilation, but also developed his attention to detail and responsibility into his personality.

Rui is always patient when answering client questions. He understands how stressful buying a new property can be if you are unsure of how well built it is. “This is why I am here, to help you know the property, and to relieve your stress”, Rui always says with a smile.

Rui graduated from the Vanier College Residential Building Inspection Program and completed the Mose Field Training Program. He is a fully insured inspector and a certified member in good standing of APCHQ. Rui speaks English and Mandarin.

Rui successfully completed the Mose Inspection Field Training Program.

Rui (苏睿) 曾在中国和加拿大大型工程建设公司工作了十余年,参与了多个大型工程项目的建设和验收。对建筑结构、电力、管道、保温、通风等系统都有深入了解,同时养成了对工作细致、认真、负责的专业态度。


Rui Su (苏睿),APCHQ注册验房师 (Certified Professional Inspector),APCHQ 魁省验房师协会会员,保险公司认可验房师(Insured Inspector),蒙特利尔验房公司(Mose Home Inspection Services)验房师,国家认证Vanier College Residential Building Inspection Program毕业。

联系电话:514-661-6934 (个人) 1-855-426-1095 (公司)

微信 (WeChat) surui_tony


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