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Xin Liu

Certified Professional Inspector
A professional inspector takes you with them through the inspection process, answers your questions, explains how each system works, points out deficiencies, ensures you understand the condition of the property, and develops a good relationship with you.

Xin (pronounced Shin) believes a house is more than an assembly of foundation, studs and rafters. A house is a system and the interdependent parts of this system work together to ensure a safe, efficient, comfortable and durable environment.

Xin is a Certified Professional Inspector, fully insured member in good standing of InterNACHI Québec (AIIICQ). He graduated at the top of his class from Vanier College’s Residential Building Inspection Program and also successfully completed the Mose Inspection Field Training Program. Xin has a strong construction background, having graduated from a civil engineering university and worked as a building engineer for 15 years.

Xin speaks English and Mandarin.

Xin successfully completed the Mose Inspection Field Training Program.

Contact: Phone: 1-855-426-1095

在蒙特利尔买房,选择优秀的专业验房师(验屋师)非常重要。经验丰富的蒙特利尔验房师Xin Liu (著名西人验房公司Mose Home Inspection Services资深验房师)会带您共同完成验房过程,回答您的各种疑问,指出房屋的各种缺陷或不足之处,确保您完全理解房屋的真实状况,出具详细、专业的验房报告并且乐于分享房屋维护保养的知识及经验。

在验房师Xin Liu的眼里,房屋不是地基﹑墙和屋顶的简单组合,房屋是一个系统,各组成部分需要相互协调配合才能确保房屋的安全、节能、舒适和耐久,才能抵御各种自然力(包括自身重力、水、风及雪等)常年累月的侵蚀。

Xin Liu, 蒙特利尔验房师,验房师导师(InterNACHI Quebec 魁省验房师协会),蒙特利尔著名验房公司验房师(Mose Home Inspection Services), 魁省验房师协会会员(InterNACHI Quebec),魁省注册验房师 (Certified Professional Inspector),带保险验房师(Insured Inspector), Vanier College Residential Building Inspection毕业。建筑工程专业背景,15年验房经验。


电话 438-929-0507 (个人) 1-855-426-1095 (公司)

微信(WeChat) xpd5656


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