InterNACHI: the World’s Largest Professional Inspector Organization

InterNACHI (the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) is the world’s largest trade organization of certified property inspectors. As our team has expanded to the double digits, and we’ve grown to provide services in multiple specializations, we have sought out new opportunities to learn and benefit from other professional experiences.

A highly esteemed professional association that provides numerous tools and opportunities, InterNACHI provides testing and certification to ensure all our inspectors are up to date on all latest standards and practises, with annual examinations, to ensure we provide the highest quality of services to our clients.

We are also taking advantage of many of the tools and services offered by InterNACHI. In addition to providing a massive network and knowledge base, InterNACHI provides the most up to date information in home inspection standards, and specialized courses, ensuring the functions, materials, systems and components of a property are well understood and can be well communicated to clients. The organization also provides us with up-to-date  home inspection Standards of Practice along with a strict Code of Ethics.

InterNACHI is a Worldwide Network of Home Inspection Professionals with Knowledge and Experience

InterNACHI also provides the opportunity for a regular exchange of professional experiences and ideas to support other members of the inspector community. We already have regular meetings to share our experiences within Mose Home Inspection Services, now we can also benefit from the experiences of inspectors worldwide, in both French and English.

For real estate brokers, knowing your inspector is a member in good standing with a professional organization like InterNACHI is good news. It ensures brokers can refer clients to an inspector based solely on merit, knowing the inspector has gone through the process of accreditation with a professional organization.

InterNACHI puts members through a rigorous process of evaluation and requires all members to:

  •  Follow the InterNACHI Standards of Practice
  •  Abide by the InterNACHI Code of Ethics
  •  Submit reports for review to the InterNACHI Reports Review Committee
  •  Sign an affidavit
  •  Fulfill annual continuing education requirements
  •  Pass an inspection exam every year.

In addition to InterNACHI, we are also members of ASHI, the North American Association of Home Inspectors, which requires passing some of the most rigorous technical examinations in effect today, including the requirement to perform more than 250 professional inspections to call oneself “ASHI certified.”

Want to know more? Ask one of our staff about InterNACHI or ASHI certifications by contacting us at: 514-426-1095.