Sous-Sol Solutions

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Bio: Sous-Sol Solutions is a full-service basement waterproofing contractor and concrete crack repair specialist, which customizes guaranteed solutions for leaky basements in Greater Montreal Area, South Shore and North Shore.  Sous-Sol Solutions is dedicated to customer satisfaction, having built its reputation on providing professional concrete reparation and restoration services. Over at Sous-Sol Solutions, we pride our reputation on providing professional, reliable, quick response, and quality workmanship in every project that we are involved in. Our success is due to our ability to service our diverse customer base of residential homeowners.

To provide professional, reliable, and quality workmanship with quick response in every project that we are involved in.

Sous-Sol Solutions provides solutions and services your foundation repairs from crack injection, foundation stabilization, interior and exterior drainage systems, sump pump installations, humidity control and exterior water control.

Foundation Crack Repair:
Sous-Sol Solutions uses the highest quality, Canada made concrete injection resins to fully seal your foundation cracks and crevices. These trusted and time proven resins and methods completely seal and repair dry or actively leaking cracks permanently. We guaranty our repairs for as long as you own your home and it’s fully transferrable.

Foundation Stabilization:
Sous-Sol Solutions installs the strongest carbon fiber solution on the market today. These repair methods and materials are the strongest solutions available today for stabilizing bowed foundation walls, stepping cracks and horizontal crack repair.

Drainage System:
Interior Drainage System and Exterior Drainage System are both offered as solutions to repair a hydrostatic pressure issue in your basement foundation. The path of least resistance is no longer into your home and Sous-Sol Solutions’ Interior Drainage System is guaranteed for as long as you own your property and fully transferrable to the next property owner.

Sump Pump System:
A Sump Pump System is installed within an Interior Drainage System or on its own where water issue is within a small radius area. It is important to have a high-quality sump pump and a properly installed system as the Sump Pump System is the heart of an Internal Drainage System.

Moisture Control:
Moisture can damage the structural integrity of you foundation and it is the biggest enemy of your home. Being proactive and having the solutions to best solve the your home’s moisture problems can save you from expensive structural and environmental damage.

Exterior Water Control:
Our Water Leaching System is designed to collect overflow of storm water in areas where it will be problematic and discharge the water into the subsoil quickly and easily. This environmental system naturally conserves water and replenishes the water table.