Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Your Furnace

It’s still hard to believe that after our brutal winter, spring is really around the corner. Yes, we see the snow and ice are finally melting and we will need to prepare our annual spring-cleaning to-do list. Spring is obviously not the time of year you want to think about furnace maintenance, but as a homeowner, you should include your furnace on your list of things to take care of.

In a typical Canadian home, the furnace runs for 6 or 7 months, usually from October to March or April. You will want your heating system ready to go when the weather turns cold at the end of the year so here is a list of 5 items to put on your spring maintenance list.

Change the filter in the furnace

One of the quickest and most effective maintenance chores is changing the filter. You should check you filter monthly and replace it as needed. The filter is very important when it comes to energy efficiency because if it is dirty, your furnace will have to work harder to heat your home.  A clean filter will have a positive impact on the indoor air quality by trapping pollen, and other air particles.  This leads naturally to the next item.

Check the air ducts

You should check your air ducts as dirty air ducts impact your furnace’s efficiency and can lead to health problems especially for people with allergies or asthma. If you have done recent significant renovation work, it is a good time to check for dust and debris. If you find a build up that needs to be cleaned, you should rely on a professional cleaning carried out by an experienced company.

Clean around your furnace

In keeping with a theme of cleanliness, the area around your furnace should be swept or vacuumed to remove any dirt, dust or debris. You should remove anything that blocks the registers so you maintain good airflow. The area around a furnace should never be used for as storage space.

Schedule professional maintenance

Like any other piece of equipment, your furnace’s parts can become worn out or grimy over time. Depending on the age of the furnace, these parts include bearings, belts, pilot lights, motors and more. These parts will sometimes need to be replaced or repaired by a professional.  Furnaces that are well maintained will last longer so getting your heating system inspected and tuned up by a certified company will help keep your heating system running smoothly for a longer time. Ideally, scheduled maintenance should be performed yearly.

As home inspectors, we want to make sure you know everything about your home but we also want to make sure homeowners know and understand how to perform good home maintenance. And, as Mose customers, you can always call us with questions about your home.