The 5 Minute Sump Pump Test Every Homeowner Should Know

Tulips still underground? Can’t smell the crocuses yet? Good! Because you want to make sure your sump pump works before spring showers are in full flood!

This is a good week to check your sump pump. It’ll only take 5 minutes, and if there’s any problem, you’ll prevent water damage or flooding during the rainy spring season.

Fill a bucket with water or run a garden hose to your sump pit. Fill up the pit until the float level is reached.

If the sump pump doesn’t start up, add more water to make sure there’s enough to trigger the pump.

If it doesn’t start up, you may have a problem.


Check the power source. Make sure you don’t have a power failure. It’s always safest to have a battery back-up pump to ensure safety in a time of need.

Check the switch. If you have a tethered switch it might be stuck on the side wall of the sump pit. Vertical floats tend to be more reliable.

Your sump pump might be suffering from old age, especially if it is running frequently. Sump pumps need to be replaced every 5-7 years to be reasonably safe. Make sure you do regular maintenance and testing of your sump pump to make sure it works!

If there’s still a problem, make sure you call a specialist. Once your basement is flooded, it’ll be too late to fix the problem!