Thermal Imaging Reveals Hidden Defects

If you’re worried about a problem hiding somewhere deep within the walls of your house, and you’re thinking about tearing things apart to get a look inside, you can put down the sledgehammer right now and read on.

Starting this month (April 2008) Mose Home Inspections is thrilled to announce that we have acquired a new high-tech device) that adds significantly to what we can discern about a building’s underlying infrastructure.

Until now, a host of hidden problems simply could never be verified without disassembling or destroying outer layers to get a glance at what lays within.

But no longer. Using Infrared (IR) inspection, we now have a fast and non-invasive new tool for improved diagnostics on the condition of buildings. Using the IR camera, we can instantly identify problem areas that previously could only be presumed through deduction at best. IR inspection means those defects can be viewed and then documented – often with pinpoint accuracy – into a thermal inspection report.

Alongside our expert traditional home inspection services, we are indeed pleased to now be able to offer this excellent new service whenever hidden defects are a concern.

Whether it’s a home or commercial building, traditional or IR inspection, Mose Home Inspections will provide you with a status report that fills in the gaps and lays the foundation for sound, prioritized maintenance and repair.

For more information about our thermal imaging, please see Services: Thermal Imaging