10 Spring Cleaning Tasks Diligent Homeowners Always Do

Spring is here! The flowers are bursting out from autumn-buried bulbs and the bees are buzzing into action.

Have you got your spring cleaning checklist in order?

Likely, you’ve got the basics on the list; you may already have dusted off the barbecue and given the patio furniture a good spring cleaning…


— But you might want to think about adding a couple of items to your spring list to ensure your home maintenance systems are in ship shape too. While you’re likely fully aware that the flowerbeds need tending and the windows need cleaning, you might not think about those important home maintenance tasks that keep your plumbing running smoothly, your heating and cooling keeping you comfortable, and your drainage systems keeping everything dry!

Here’s a handy list to keep your home running like a well-oiled machine!

Top 10 Home Maintenance Tasks to add to your SPRING cleaning list:

Clean Air Conditioning (A/C) unit
If you can’t find the shutoff switch, then turn off the circuit breaker that powers the A/C. Get your garden hose out, and direct the spray from the inside out to give it a good cleaning. Turn it on and test.

Clean gutters
Pick a nice day that’s not too windy! The easiest way to clean your gutters is with a ladder, a pair of gloves and a drop sheet to catch all the mess as you scoop out the leaves and gunk. Otherwise, grab a bucket, and prepare to climb up and down.

Check downspouts
Does water flow freely into the downspouts? If not, seal the hose with a rag and turn on the pressure to clear it out. If that doesn’t work, get the old plumbing snake out of the garage and feed it through to clear the debris.

Inspect caulking around windows and doors
Winter can take a toll on your caulking. There’s no better time than a beautiful spring morning to strip and re-caulk around your windows and doors.

Seal cracks in the driveway
Grab a wire brush to clean out the cracks, then rinse with a garden hose. Get a tube of asphalt patch and crack filler from your local hardware store. Fill the cracks, then go back a day later to see if they need a second coat. Wait at least a full day before you drive over them.

Check safety reverse on garage door
Place an item in the path of your garage door – a 2 x 4 will do. If the door does not reverse when hitting the obstruction, it needs adjustment. Do an online search to find out how to adjust your garage door correctly. It is recommended you do this test at least once a month.

Clean air exchanger filters
Find the reusable filters and use a vacuum to clean loose debris. Rinse them with a hose or basement sink. Clean the core filter with soapy water, then rinse the hoses and air intake, located on the exterior of the house.
Flush the garage floor drain
Run the hose down your garage door drain to get rid of all those pebbles and dirt that fall off your tires, and any other debris build-up.

Clean the dust off the back of the fridge to improve air flow
Use a vacuum followed by a damp dust rag.

Close the humidifier bypass on the furnace
Look for the winter/summer switch to make sure you don’t have air coming into the humidifier. You don’t want humidity in summer.